Wedding DJ or Band?

Wedding DJ or Band?

There is no doubt about it, music is an absolute must for your wedding and can either make or break your big day. Deciding whether to hire a live band or  DJ  will be one of the biggest wedding reception issues you face. Both offer pros and cons but it will ultimately be a question of budget and personal taste.  So should you choose a Wedding DJ or Band? To help you decide what is right for you, we list some things to consider before making your decision.

Should I Choose a DJ ?

DJs are often considered the cheap alternative to a wedding band. Although it is true that a wedding DJ is typically cheaper than a live wedding band the days of disco fever and flashing lights are certainly over! There has never been a better time to book a wedding DJ and today there is a tremendous variety acts to suit any wedding theme, taste and budget. 

Pros & Cons of a Wedding DJ


  • DJ's are more affordable than booking a live wedding band.
  • A DJ can offer nearly limitless variety and flexibility, from classics to current and can take requests.
  • You can provide DJ's with a list of favourite songs. 
  • DJ's can read the dance floor and tailor the music to  the mood of your party instantly.
  • DJ’s require a much smaller area to perform and are perfect if your tight on space.
  • DJ's provide non stop music throughout the evening even when taking a break. 
  • DJ's can make announcements, which means you also get an MC to help with flow of the evening. 
  • Volume levels are easily adjustable.


  • Pre-recorded music can never evoke the same energy and excitement as a live band…
  • If the DJ  isn't confident or experienced and doesn’t have a lively personality, they kill a party atmosphere.
  • A band can play on if the unforeseen happens to a member. But with a DJ if the unimaginable happens there is no music!
  • DJs sometimes have their routine down so well that they run on autopilot two hours into the evening. So that song you specifically asked not to be played could make an unwelcome appearance.

Live video of an Elastic Lounge Wedding DJ performing at the wedding reception of the amazing wedding couple Alistair and Millie on 5th May 2019.

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Creating a Wow Factor with a Wedding DJ?

If you want to book a wedding DJ but want your entertainment to be unique and memorable, introducing a live singer or musician can add a real wow factor to proceedings. The most popular acts we provide with Wedding DJ's are singers, saxophonists, percussionists and string players.

Introducing a live musician into the  such as a saxophonist into your wedding DJ set can help avoid that mid evening lull and the is nothing more infectious than a sax player performing on a full dance floor with your guests.

DJ Sax Wedding Entertainment at the wedding of Zoe and Nathan -May 18th 2019. Video by Elastic Lounge Entertainment Ltd.

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Should I Choose a Live Wedding Band ?

There's nothing quite like a wedding band to liven up an event and to get the guests excited. Today the options available  are vast but whether your looking for discreet sophistication or  infectious energy nothing can compete with a wedding band in terms of delivering a wow factor and elevating your wedding to a memorable event. 

Pros & Cons of a Wedding Band

Do I Have To Choose ?

Struggling to decide whether to book a Wedding DJ or Band? This might seem like a luxury to some, but it is becoming increasingly common for couples to book a wedding band for earlier in the evening & DJ later in the night. Booking both a wedding band and DJ is certainly guaranteed to make a statement and offers additional benefits which is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate party to remember. 

Whether you choose to book a wedding DJ, live band or both always book your entertainment through a professional agency that has a artist vetting process to ensure quality standards, offers security and protection. But most importantly it's your wedding so do it your way!


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