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Ultimate Guide To Hiring Corporate Entertainment

We know how stressful it can  be hiring Hiring Corporate Entertainment for an  event. It’s essential your entertainment resonates with your guests and clients leave with a positive lasting impression of your brand.  Thankfully this is easily achieved by following a few simple steps we have outlined in our article the “Ultimate Guide to Hiring Corporate Entertainment”. 

Choosing a Venue

When organising a corporate  event, you are confronted by many important decisions. Choosing a venue is one of the biggest. Whether you’re planning to book entertainment or a band for your event there are a few important things to  ask your venue which may  impact on the entertainment you choose:

  1. What space is available for bands. Will it accommodate a duo, 5 piece band or even that 13 piece show band you have in mind to wow your guests. 
  2. Are there changing rooms for the band? Band members may have travelled a considerable distance so will require  somewhere to get ready. Providing a changing room for the band also means they won’t be hanging around the public areas of the venue before going on stage. 
  3. Does the venue have noise restrictions or sound limiter?
  4. Is there a loading area for the bands equipment and adequate parking at the venue? 
  5. What level of Public Liability Insurance is required and do they need documentation from the band?   

Think about budget

It is possible to spend a lot of money on Hiring Corporate Entertainment for award ceremonies, parties and conferences. Therefore it is essential to make sure you have a suitable budget in place to for your event. Putting a budget together is one of the most difficult aspects of organising an event. It’s also important that the person allocating the budget has  realistic expectations regarding  entertainment and costings. We all want that wow factor of a 13 piece super group but if  the final budget doesn’t meet expectations then it’s time to look at cutting costs. Thankfully many of the larger corporate acts also offer scaled down versions of their acts. Alternatively you can always look at attracting a corporate sponsor for you event.

Who’s Attending ?

Once you have thought about the venue, it’s time to consider who will be attending your event. Consider your attendees’ age, social background and sex, and choose entertainment accordingly. A tribute to ‘Justin Bieber’ may work well for a daytime corporate family event, but is unlikely to impress your investors at an evening black tie event. The key here is to know your audience when Hiring Corporate Entertainment for an event!

Timing is Everything!

Timing is everything when planning a corporate event and well chosen entertainment will set the right tone at the right time. If your planning an early evening networking event with champagne and canapés discreet sophistication is the goal, book a pianist.  background musicians,  jazz bands or a string quartet create the perfect ambience for networking events and will ensure your attendees can hear each other while talking.

If your planning a late night event and hoping for a full dance floor, think  corporate event show bands, function bands or a modern DJ for Hire

The entertainment you choose is likely to make of break your event so if you’re in any doubt about the perfect act type to compliment your event please Contact Us and request a call back to discuss your event. 

Start Looking Early

Whatever entertainment your considering for your corporate event it is important to start looking early. Entertainment agencies and the top corporate acts are booked up well in advance. Here at elastic Lounge, we start taking bookings for corporate events about 18 months before the date, which I know to some people may seem a little over-zealous. Booking 18 months in advance means you’re pretty much guaranteed to secure the band or entertainment you’re looking for so it can be a very good idea. 

    Check Content

    Once you have found a selection of bands you want for your event checking their video content is a must.  Gone are the day of audio files and today any professional corporate act will have high quality video content. As such if an act only has audio recordings we strongly advise you too avoid them. It is important to make sure they can deliver visually so check how they perform live. You can also ask to see the act live but this is probably not an option as most function bands make a living playing at private and corporate events.

      Sign a secure contract

      Once you have decided on the act you want it’s time to book them! We always recommend booking through a trusted agency, like Elastic Lounge Ltd. If you book the band directly make sure there is a contract in place as it will protect both you and the band. For agencies and platforms their T&Cs will act as the contract, so be sure to read these.  An agency also also offers protection so if the unimaginable happens and the band is unable to make the event a replacement will be provided so you won’t be left without entertainment. 

      Still Confused ?

      Need advice or more information about Hiring Corporate Entertainment? head over to our Corporate Events  page and request a call back from one of our corporate entertainment co-ordinators via our contact form. 

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