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February is #NationalWeddingMonth & if you’re a hopeless romantic you’ll be looking forward to nothing but love, romance & maybe even some chocolate indulgence. National Wedding Month is a time to celebrate unconditional love & all things “Wedding.”

National Wedding Month – Fun Facts

To celebrate #NationalWeddingMonth we created a list of fun facts every wedding planner & bride should know. 

Although June through September are the most popular time to get married. February owns the most weddings on a single day. It is also the time when newly engaged couple’s seriously get down to wedding planning.

To celebrate #NationalWeddingMonth & Valentine’s Day we created a list of fun facts. 

  • More couples get engaged during February than any other month in the year
  • February has the highest number of wedding shows.
  • Most couples begin serious wedding planning in February.
  • Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged & we certainly think a ring beats a box of chocolates. Don’t You?

How to Share the Love #NationalWeddingMonth

Share the love during #NationalWeddingMonth by using #NationalWeddingMonth or #WeddingMonth to your social media posts. Whether it’s wedding inspiration from your favourite wedding bloggers, a picture of you at your wedding or your latest ideas for your wedding theme. Share, Share, share  so the world can see your excitement!


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