5 Reasons you need a Silent Disco at your Wedding

If you are looking for your looking for wedding entertainment that  stands out from the crowd a Silent Disco could be the perfect entertainment for your big day. You may still be thinking "A silent Disco? At my Wedding?" So we asked the leading UK wedding professionals for the top reasons to consider a silent disco as wedding entertainment…

1. Fun for all the Family 

What entertainment will appeal to all my guests? This has been the big challenge for brides and grooms until now. No Longer ! With a Silent Disco you can have up to three different channels of music playing at your wedding at the same time. So while  great uncle Albert is bopping to Frank Sinatra you can dance the night away to your favourite party classics. Silent discos are fun for everyone – it’s a real  novelty for wedding guests that both the oldest and youngest alike.

2. Be Unique 

Who doesn't want their wedding to be unique? A Silent Disco is a great way to make you're wedding stand out, engage your guests in the entertainment and create a real buzz about your wedding that will be remembered for years to come !

3. Party Till you Drop 

So your wedding reception is in full swing and the dreaded moment arrives...."Sorry you have stop the music now!".  With a silent disco you decide when the party is over and can dance till you drop.

4. No More Shouting

For guests who don't enjoy dancing or  just need a break from the music the silent disco if perfect. There's no need to have to shout over music any more because the silent disco is golden!

5. Wedding of the Year 

Choose a silent disco for your wedding and it will be far from forgettable. Your wedding will be unique and stand out from all the other weddings your guests have been to and who wouldn't want that?!

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